Jerusalem model at Ben Gurion Airport

Alexander Schick, director of the Qumran and Bible Exhibition, ¬†alerted me to the fact that a new model of ¬†Jerusalem as it was about 2000 years ago has been placed inside the Arrival Hall at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s main international airport. It is a smaller wooden version of the well-known model of Jerusalem of the Second Temple period that used to be located at the Holyland Hotel, but has been moved a few years ago to the Israel Museum. It was designed in the 1960’s by the late Prof. Michael Avi-Yonah.

This new model appears to have been designed by the Israel Museum to attract people to go and visit this famous museum in Jerusalem. It is well worth a visit!

It is unfortunate, however, that most people are in such a hurry to get to their transportation that they can easily miss this new model.

The new model in the Arrival Hall of Ben Gurion Airport. Photo: Alexander Schick

Jerusalem viewed from the east. Photo: Alexander Schick

Jerusalem viewed from the south. Photo: Alexander Schick

The Temple Mount. Photo: Alexander Schick


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2 Responses to Jerusalem model at Ben Gurion Airport

  1. Gina damen says:

    They should put it in the departure hall! People can change shifts standing in line and looking at the model. Besides that is it much more didactical: after their visit people will understand better what they see.

  2. Schick says:

    No longer in the hall exhibited since February 2015! Very sad!
    Alexander Schick

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