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New Photo Collection on the Gospels

Todd Bolen of has finished a new DVD photo project to illustrate the Life of Christ. Many Bible teachers and scholars alike would benefit from this collection as it uses a variety of photographs, both modern and historic, to … Continue reading

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Finds from a new excavation in Shiloh

The Israel HaYom Newsletter announced today that new 10 ancient storage jars have been found in a new excavation in Shiloh: Excavation at ancient Shiloh seeks to locate site of Jewish tabernacle that dates to the time the Jewish people first … Continue reading

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Conservation program at Tel Shiloh

During the months of May/June 2017, excavations were carried out at Tel Shiloh[1]. At the conclusion of the dig, conservation work[2] needed to be carried out on some walls that were in danger of deterioration or collapse. One section of … Continue reading

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Back online

We are pleased to say that we are back online after a week of outage. Will post soon again.

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Understanding The Holy Temple Jesus Knew

Carta, the well-known Jerusalem publishers, offers an introductory price on our latest, and eighth, Carta book, valid until June 30, 2017 (make sure to put in the discount code: “25-off”): This title is part of the “Understanding” series of Carta: “This book … Continue reading

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Virtual Jerusalem

Two new apps have been developed to help visitors visualize ancient Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount. The BYU has developed a free app, which can be downloaded here. The Virtual New Testament app is one of the most accurate digital … Continue reading

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Twelve-year-old Jesus in the Temple at Passover

On Sunday, the 10th of April, 2017, the Jewish people begin celebrating Pesach – Jewish Passover. That is one week earlier than Easter. However, in this blog post we would like to remember the time that Jesus as a twelve-year-old visited the … Continue reading

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A Capital from Solomon’s Porch on the Temple Mount

The Israel Hayom newspaper reported yesterday that a capital of the 2nd Temple era has been found by the Temple Mount Sifting Project (TMSP). Photo credit: Vladimir Naychin The capital of a carefully-adorned column that stood on the Temple Mount in … Continue reading

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The Genesis Sanctuary

Last year, Carta of Jerusalem asked us to write two new books for their “Understanding …” series. The first one, Understanding The Holy Temple of the Old Testament, From the Tabernacle to Solomon’s Temple and Beyond was published last year and the other one … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Biblical Archaeology Map by Carta

There was much excitement in our house last week when the Biblical Archaeology Jerusalem Map by Carta (see previous post) arrived. Spreading the chart out on the table, we were able to retrace many of the trips and explorations we … Continue reading

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