The Quest – Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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The definitive work on the Temple Mount

With this magnificently unique volume, Leen Ritmeyer provides us with the ideal textbook from which to understand the development of the man-made plateau that is the focus of the world's interest. His experience as architect of the Temple Mount Excavations following the Six-Day War, coupled with his exploration of parts of the mount now completely out of bounds and his doctoral research into the problems of the Temple Mount make him singularly qualified for the task. Illustrator of the book as well as its author, his reconstruction drawings make the stones of the Temple Mount cast off the mantle of time and leap to vibrant life. Truly comprehensive in scope, the book commences with the period in which the Temple Mount reached its zenith, that of King Herod the Great. Here, the author masterfully weaves together an incredible amount of archaeological data with the historical sources to produce an authoritative and exhaustive reconstruction. Then, with the features of the Herodian Temple Mount well in mind, the reader is equipped to progress to the next stage in the research, the quest for the earlier square Temple Mount, described by Josephus and the Mishnah. The theories of other researchers are fairly examined and evaluated and the search progresses like the best detective story. Clues are turned up by the author's sharp eye to provide compelling evidence that all the previous proposals must be rewritten. The accumulation of evidence, both archaeological and literary, gathers force to solve Jerusalem's oldest archaeological controversy, namely the actual location of the temple, from the time of Solomon onwards. A completely unforeseen result was the discovery of the original emplacement of the Ark of the Covenant on the rocky floor of what can be identified as the Holy of Holies. This work distils the history of three millennia and thirty years of intensive research into the definitive book on the Temple Mount. Scholars, students and all lovers of Jerusalem - make room on your bookshelves for a book you will refer to time and again!

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One Response to The Quest – Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

  1. Dear Sir Leen Ritmeyer,

    Since 2005 we are busy with the constructing of a Biblical Open Air Museum. Elements of the daily life in the biblical time are reproduced in 1:1 scale.

    In 2009 received from the Minister of Agriculture from Saxony the award for the best address in the country.

    In 2011 we bought an old dilapidated farm barn. This barn we are restore for tourism as a supplement to the Biblical Garden.

    A dominant exhibit will be a reproduction of the herodian Temple. Then will follow the City of David and the city walls of Jerusalem. The special will be that we want to make all reproductions made of ceramic. As far as we know this will be a worldwide unique project.

    We kindly ask for your help that we can reproduce this project true to the original. For this we need extensive construction documents like drawings with exact measurements, photos and a advisory contact.

    Thank you for your help and cooperation!

    Best regards

    Andreas Schaarschmidt
    Project Manager

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