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  1. Matthias Kremer says:

    Matthias Kremer
    Am Schilken 42a
    58285 Gevelsberg
    Bundesland Nordrhein-Westfalen

    Dear Dr. Ritmeyer!

    I would like to buy the following articles per bill and remittance, because I didn`t manage the other kinds of payments:
    Solomon’s Temple Model 1 £ 5,00
    Solomon’s Temple Zeichnungen 1 £ 5,00
    Der Tabernakel Gericht 1 £ 5,00
    Der Tabernakel Tent 1 £ 5,00
    Band 2 : Jerusalem in der Zeit Christi 1 £ 15,00
    Versand: £ 4,00
    Total: £ 39,00

    Thank you,
    Matthias Kremer

  2. I have replied to you by email. Thanks.

  3. I want to buy your book “The Quest”. Is there a distributor in Switzerland, where I can buy directly? Otherwise what would shipping cost be to Switzerland? Thank you!
    M. Camadini

  4. You can buy The Quest directly from our Online Store:
    Fill in you details and it will be sent to you in Switzerland.

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