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  1. Debbie Kitkowski says:

    Hi! I’m interested in a couple of itams from your store, a book and CD, however, I can only pay in US dollors, so can only send a US money order please, otherwise, I will have to pass these up. I live in Valley Nebraska, zip code 68064, and saw your abvertizment from Biblical Archaology Review magazine. The itams I’m interested are the CD on the seven churchs, and the book on searching for the Ark of the covent.
    Are these avalible in US dollors only, and what adress could I send my money order to, also postage? Thanks!Please E-mail me back. Mrs. Debbie Kitkowski.

  2. Debbie,

    You can order the items from our website and your bank account will be automatically debited in US dollars.
    The total price will be about US$56.00. If you send a money order to the address below, please make sure it is a BANK money order and NOT a POSTAL money order. A regular US$ bank check is also OK.

    Hope this helps.

  3. says:

    Hurrah! At last I got a webpage from where I can actually get helpful
    information regarding my study and knowledge.

  4. Heidi says:

    We would love to have the slides or PowerPoint presentation of A. Garrard’s Temple model. How do we acquire this from the US?

  5. timo niska says:

    Your book The Quest is not available in many bookstores around the world. I even ordered it in Finland, but couldn´t get it after waiting very long time. In Finland The Quest (if it was available) costs 43.30€, but if I order it from you the cost is about 70€. So I am wondering if the new edition of the book is coming, so Iwould be able to order it from Finland so much cheaper! For me The Quest seems to be THE book to read and have.

  6. Aryel Tsion says:

    Hi Leen, I would like to order the book The Quest. What is different to it than the recent book ‘The Temple Mount
    I live in Israel but, as far as I can see, the website allows only Great Brittain to let it been send too. How can I order the book?

  7. Shalom Aryel,

    You can order The Quest from our website and the correct postage will be displayed once you put in your address.
    However, as you live in Israel, it will be cheaper to buy straight from the publisher, Carta in Jerusalem:

    Our book is also for sale in bookshops such as Steimatzky and in places such as the Israel Museum.

    The Quest is very different from our latest guide book to the Temple Mount (160 pages), which has 6 walking tours designed to make people understand what they are looking at. The Quest (440 pages) has much more information about the history and architecture of the Temple Mount.

  8. Jason Pearce says:

    I want to order one of your posters, for delivery to me here in Cardiff, Wales. However, your website’s drop-down menu of countries has every country apart from the UK.

  9. Jason, If you have difficulties ordering from the website, please contact me by email.

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