Messiah in the Temple

The Messiah in the Temple is a project with the aim of developing a 3-D visual media of the Temple of Jerusalem. This project was conceived by the project manager Martin Severin. After reading Roger Liebi’s book of that name and my book “The Quest – Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem”, he decided, with the help of Christof Frank of digi-mice, to make a digital version of the reconstructed Herodian Temple Mount.

We were asked to serve as the historical and archaeological advisor for The Messiah In The Temple project.

Messiah in the Temple Poster

This digital representation of the Herodian Temple Mount was created by Christof Frank under our supervision.

3 Responses to Messiah in the Temple

  1. Maud Taylor says:

    Has the DVD of Messiah in the temple been published yet?

  2. Still waiting …
    But they do sell posters of the 3D model, see:

  3. Robert Barrie Walker says:

    Excellent view of The Jerusalem Temple! I also need to be notified when a copy of the poster is available. Thankyou for all your wonderful work, Leen and Kathleen. With Kind Regards, Robb.

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