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The National Geographic Magazine’s December 2008 issue contained a supplement called “Jerusalem’s Holy Ground”. It portrayed in graphic form the development of Mount Moriah and the sanctuaries that were built there.

I met with the Senior Graphics Editor and the Historical Researcher of the magazine at the Museum of the Yeshiva University, New York, during the opening there of the 2008 exhibition of the Temple Mount and Tabernacle models I had designed previously.

We were asked to advise on the history and architecture of the Temple Mount. Most of the drawings were based on illustrations from our book “The Quest – Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem”. Our consultancy consisted of guiding the artist throughout the project and editing the text of this supplement that has become a collector’s item.

Jerusalem's Holy Ground

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  1. wayne says:

    Is it possible to get a digital version of the Jerusalem’s Holy Ground poster. I am teaching a class on Biblical Israel, and this would help alot.

  2. Wouldn’t know where to get one. Sorry.

  3. cutiepink says:

    National Geographic is study of all living things ..I love this architecture of temple mount..Thank you for sharing this post..Thank you!!:D

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