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I was interested to see, in my daily Google Alert for the Temple Mount, on James Grant’s blog, that the new ESV Study Bible, for which I have been providing illustrations, now has its own webpage, launched by Crossways, its publisher. It is worthwhile having a look at the sample pages. Having worked with Justin Taylor, the Project Director and Managing Editor, for the last half year, with graphics winging their way for checking and correction from Wheaton, Illinois to Adelaide in Australia, and latterly to Cardiff in Wales, I can’t wait to see the final product, due out in October of this year.

The whole “painstaking process of research and refinement”, to use Justin’s words, has caused me to look into problems which I had not previously addressed. In particular, the discoveries in Jerusalem over the last few years, especially in the City of David, made it necessary for me to produce completely new reconstruction drawings of Jerusalem in the various periods – a very exciting project indeed! I have also enjoyed working with Maltings Partnership, who have rendered my drawings into works of tremendous beauty.

5 thoughts on “ESV Study Bible”

  1. It is interesting that I do not see a single female name in collaboration on the ESV project. I didn’t note one! Is it a Misogynist Study Bible? For me, the lack of female participation would discount it as a valid purchase….of course, I am noted for being truculent….but the illustrations appear to be high-quality.

  2. David,

    You are talking to the wrong person! I didn’t make up the team and you don’t have to buy the ESVSB if you don’t want to. I am not a marketing person. You will be missing out, though, and my guess is that you will buy it after all. Anyway, thanks for kind your words about the illustrations.


  3. I would *never* “diss” you! I was just rather shocked that in this day and age they didn’t have a single female. I suspect, however, it was a natural evolution and when they realize the gaff they will mutter a collective “uh-oh” under their breath…
    But like I said, it does look really sharp….

  4. Hi Leen

    I like what I can see of the content and the various bindings; do you know (despite probably being the wrong person to talk to!) whether a wide margin version was ever included in the range of possible formats?


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