The Messiah in the Temple

In a previous report we commented on a new project called The Messiah in the Temple. A lot of progress has been made, especially in developing this new poster:

Martin Severin, the project manager wrote:

After months of detailed work we have succeeded in producing a photographic rendition of the Herodian Temple in the time of Jesus with 20.000 x 6000 pixels (that is 120 mega pixels). This makes it possible to get pin sharp prints which are several meters long. There is an astonishing amount of detail to be seen. We have tried to present everything as authentically and true to the original as possible. We even photographed the unique light quality and some single stones on-site at the remains of the temple to make the result as authentic as possible. Everything was based on the excellent building plans by Dr. Leen Ritmeyer. More than 2000 digital people were painstakingly included in the picture so that the end result is very realistic.
It’s only the beginning, but this is the kind of quality we intend to stick to for the rest of the project. In the photograph above you can see the first small version of this picture. The idea is to reproduce the final photograph in poster size which can be sold to raise further funds for the project.

3 thoughts on “The Messiah in the Temple”

  1. This is an astounding visual achievement for which I am very grateful. This level of accurate visualization is such a far cry from the fanciful art of the past. I appreciate the attention to detail and for the concepts that can and certainly will be gleaned by lay enthusiasts, biblical historians and scholars. Where does one obtain the best of these images? Thanks again Leen, and to your team of colleagues in Germany for this exquisite work.

  2. The visualization of the Temple is based on our design. We have posters, CDs and books for sale in which you can find these images.

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