Israel Government buries Temple Mount report

The Jerusalem Post has a follow-up on Sunday’s article on the Temple Mount report, as reported in our previous post:

Comptroller Temple Mount report stays behind closed doors

It reminded me of a volunteer who found a camel’s tooth on the Temple Mount dig. She was so excited that she buried it again for another volunteer to find and be excited as well. The Knesset is burying part of this highly sensitive document “for diplomatic and security reasons”.

Israel is a democracy, so this report will eventually be unearthed again and I wonder if the public will be so excited as the second volunteer, when they read it, for “It is not a secret that the Waqf is building on the Temple Mount, that works have been done, and that many archeological findings have been destroyed.”

Source: Joe Lauer

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  1. Thanks for the updates on the destruction on the Temple Mount. Is there any way to subscribe to your updates so I can use them for my weekly newsletter?

  2. Yes, I saw that. I was hoping for an e-mail list but no problem. I’ll use the RSS. Thanks.

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