Virtual Model of the Temple Mount in the Time of Jesus

From Justin Taylor’s blog:

For several years UCLA’s Urban Simulation Team has been working on a virtual reconstruction of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount prior to the destruction of A.D. 70. In collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority they have put together a display at the Ethan and Marla Davidson Exhibition and Virtual Reconstruction Center in Jerusalem.

Below is a video clip—the model was created by Dr. Lisa M. Synder—showing what the Temple Mount and Herod’s Temple would have looked like in the time of Jesus.

This video is not new, but always worth watching. The UCLA’s Urban Simulation Team are the ones who developed the Temple Mount animation at the Davidson’s Visitors Centre at the entrance to the Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem.

I got to know Justin Taylor when he was Project Director and Managing Editor of the ESV Study Bible.

This site allows you to download the trailer of another Temple video, which I worked on a few years ago. These videos are really useful if you want to imagine what the Temple looked like in the time of Jesus.

Here is the video itself:

7 thoughts on “Virtual Model of the Temple Mount in the Time of Jesus”

  1. Thank you for allowing me to understand just how big the temple of Jesus’ day was. This is a very helpful video.

  2. Thank you for sharing these videos! My mental assumptions were way, way off. I had no idea the temple was so large and intricate which really changes my perspective of those times. This is a great resource for my research. Namaste.

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