New online resource of Rabbinic Texts

David Instone-Brewer of Tyndale House has created an enormously useful website for the study of Rabbinic Texts.

It is now easy to look up most of the early rabbinic legal texts. The rabbinic texts were among the first to be digitised and there are some wonderful tools, but the good ones cost a lot of money and aren’t very friendly.

So I made the site for myself. It is quick to use and more powerful than most, and has proved so valuable that I’m making it available to everyone.

You can freely read the texts of the Hebrew Bible, the Mishnah, Tosephta and the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. For a small fee per year or for life, you can fully search these texts.

The study of the Mishnah, in particular the tractate Middot, has helped enormously in my study of the Temple Mount and has made it possible to locate the pre-Herodian Square Temple Mount, shown in yellow in the illustration below:

King Solomon built the First Temple on the top of Mount Moriah which is visible in the centre of this cut-away drawing. This mountain top can be seen today, inside the Islamic Dome of the Rock. King Hezekiah built a square Temple Mount (yellow walls) around the site of the Temple, which he also renewed. © Leen Ritmeyer


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