News of Biblical Turkey

Mark Wilson sends word from Turkey that the Spring 2011 issue of the Asia Minor Report is available. You can read it here: Asia Minor Report 11 or subscribe by contacting Mark at:

Of particular interest is his review of Wall Painting in Ephesos from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine Period by Norbert Zimmermann and Sabine Ladstätter, Istanbul.

Wilson’s book Biblical Turkey (see our review here) has become one of the crucial sources on the history of the area and, together with the classic works, was a tremendous help in the production of our latest CD on The Seven Churches of Revelation.


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  1. I would like to discuss the possibility of Mr. Ritmeyer interviewing for a documentary film regarding the archaeological excavations in Jerusalem. The City of David has agreed to have their location filmed and we would truly apprecaite an opportunity to discuss the subject with Mr. Ritmeyer.

    Thank you,
    Rena Riger

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