Carta Jerusalem, the publishing house that has published so many of our books, has embarked on a new venture: BIBLEWHERE. This Online Visual Content Collection was developed by Shay Hausman, the present CEO of Carta and continues to expand.

Those who are attending the AAR/SBL Conference in Boston can see it demonstrated at Booth 2616.

All materials produced by Carta can be viewed in BIBLEWHERE. Searching by topic or Bible verse, brings up a page with relevant information in the form of articles, photos, videos and maps. This programme is very useful for studying the context of many Bible events.

Here are two links to a promotional video and a tutorial:



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  1. Dear Bro Leen
    This is fantastic to have this link of Biblewhere. I love looking at your site and have learnt so much from it. I am looking for photos etc we can use on our Pinetown Ecclesial site when we advertise our weekly Bible Talks and Seminars. Can you direct me to and sites I can use ? For eg. This week our talk is entitled Palestine-whose land is it? I know some sites are copyright hence my question. We are obviously not selling anything but only need pictures to make the title of the talk more alive and appealing to those interested to come and listen.

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