The Temple Mount in the Washington Post

Yesterday, The Washington Post published an article on the Temple Mount.

Muslims call it the Noble Sanctuary. Jews and Christians call it the Temple Mount. Built atop Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, this 36-acre site is the place where seminal events in Islam, Judaism and Christianity are said to have taken place, and it has been a flash point of conflict for millenniums. Many aspects of its meaning and history are still disputed by religious and political leaders, scholars, and even archaeologists.

Several cycles of building and destruction have shaped what is on this hilltop today.

These cycles of the Development of the Temple Mount are shown in the five sketches below the main site drawing:

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4 Responses to The Temple Mount in the Washington Post

  1. Wayne Stiles says:

    Thanks for making this available, Leen. Wonderful to see the five stages as you’ve drawn them!

  2. rlr says:

    Dr. Ritmeyer,

    Why are there no photos of the inside of the Triple Gate available? There are dozens of images- photos and artists renderings- of the Double Gate and its domes but nothing relating to the Triple Gate. Any comment, please.

    Do you think that there were domes (9?) in the anteroom of the Triple Gate?

    One last question. Why is there the attic-Ionic molding on the Triple Gate jam and not on the Double Gate jam?
    Thank you,

  3. Eli,
    I have no idea where this photograph was taken. Sorry.

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