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We have developed our new website and, although still in its developing stages, it is now fully functional. If you log on to, which used to be the name of our website, for example by clicking on Temple Mount Online or the Jerusalem Capital in the blue field to the left, you will be redirected to our new site.
The reason for this is that we wanted to separate information from the items we sell. With this blog, which we started about half a year ago, we feel that more relevant and up-to-date information could be commented on and shared with you.
The website serves now only as a “virtual shop”, where our books, posters, CD-ROM’s and Temple Mount Model can be purchased. These educational materials have proved useful to many people over the past 20 years or so and continue to be in demand. I am still teaching full-time until the end of this year, but after that I hope, with the help of Kathleen my wife, to develop many more materials of interest to professors, teachers, Sunday School teachers and the many individuals who are interested in the archaeology of the Holy Land, especially of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, as that is our field of expertise.
So, please visit our new store and order the materials that you are interested in. You can also pay online to make things easy. Happy browsing.

2 thoughts on “Announcing our new website –”

  1. On the drawings of the temple platform you show a “fosse” what is the evidence that this does exist, and how can we know when it was dug? I understand that it was meant to hinder Titus’ army from getting into the temple.

  2. to sam fitts:
    when r\HEROD expanded the templemount he filled ina valley to the north of it. this is the fossa. behond that was another hill. it rises up jsut beyond the northern end is leveled land and at the northern wall there are sockets described by ritmeyer showing where the collonade was burned out. isuggest anyone interested read ) tractate middos, 2) josephus) ritmeyers book “the Quest” it is more than superb. Many orthodox rabbsi have read it with approval.


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