New Educational Bible Charts

At last, the visual aids that Sunday School teachers and leaders of small Bible Study groups have been crying out for! As teachers ourselves, we know that there are certain areas of Scripture that simply must be visualised, or they are never going to be absorbed. Try using these charts in your teaching to find out the truth of the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words!” If an image is the main thing that a student takes from your class, it is vital that it is an accurate representation of God’s Word.

The Crossing of the Jordan - © Leen Ritmeyer

We have often printed out these pictures to help friends who have the privilege of teaching the young and after many requests, thought to offer them as part of our product line. Of necessity, they are slightly more expensive than our posters, as they are printed by request only. We hope to pick out from our available images those that are most useful for teaching purposes and offer them as Bible Charts, so keep an eye out for more inspiring educational materials.

Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah - © Leen Ritmeyer

The Bible Charts are individually designed and printed on A3 (297 × 420mm or 11.7 x 15.5 inch) size, high-quality, thick photo paper (paper weight 100 lb. or 270 g/m2). Each chart is annotated and has Scriptural references. Full information on each picture can be read online in the product description. Sufficiently durable to allow them to be passed around a group, they can further focus the attention of students when used in a wall display.

2 thoughts on “New Educational Bible Charts”

  1. Where do you believe the future temple will be located? I’ve always heard it would be close to a mile wide? Do you have any drawings of what it looks like, or any literature.

  2. Todd,
    The future Temple, described in Ezekiel 40-48, will be located in Jerusalem. The inner complex with the two sets of gates and courts, including the Temple, measures 500 cubits and fits perfectly on the present-day temple Mount. The large outer court that measures 500 reeds, or 3000 cubits, will be symmetrically arranged around this complex and take up a space equivalent to the present-day Old City. I do have a simple plan of the layout, but have not published it.

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