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Good news for teachers, lecturers, picture editors and publishers! We are excited to announce our new Image Library which will go online in about a week’s time. There are already hundreds of reconstruction drawings and photographs of Biblical sites and models in our Image Library and we hope to add many more over time.

These images (unique to Ritmeyer Archaeological Design),  are arranged in different categories, such as Illustrating the Bible, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Biblical sites, Buildings and Ritual of the Bible. The Image Library will be fully searchable.
All the images come with a description giving full background information, which you can read before you decide which ones you would like to order. You can also view them in a reasonably large size before downloading.

Here is an sample of the “Illustrating the Bible” page, showing that you can browse according to Books in the Bible:

Another way of browsing, for example, is using the “Biblical Sites in Israel” page:

The different categories are designed to help you find the picture you are looking for easily.

Images can be downloaded individually to enhance your presentation. The pictures can be used privately or in presentations at Sunday Schools, Bible Classes and lectures at Universities.

Larger size images are available for commercial publication.

Keep following our blog for further developments!

2 thoughts on “New Image Library”

  1. are these pics and diagrams availble in any bible with jewish/rabbinic tradition

  2. Our images are based on historical and archaeological evidence and have been used in many publications. Our images have also been used in many Jerusalem based publications, such as The New Encyclopaedia of Archaeological Excavations and archaeological journals. Most of our books have been published by Carta, a Jerusalem based publishing House and soon my article about the Sanctuaries in Israel will be published in the Feldman Festschrift, published by the Yeshiva University in New York.
    Some of our books are for sale in the Temple Institute in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Just have a look when the Image Library is online and you will see that the images have no religious bias one way or another. More information is available in

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