Mughrabi Gate bridge renovation plan stopped

In a previous post, we reported that is was decided to demolish the Mughrabi Gate bridge and replace it with a new one. That was supposed to have happened two weeks ago.

We have written previously about this bridge and its problems.

The Kingdom of Jordan had earlier agreed to the renovation plans, but they have suddenly changed their minds. The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel is furious with this U-turn in Jordan’s policy regarding the bridge:

Amman files complaint with UNESCO over renovation plans on Mughrabi Gate bridge linking the Western Wall Plaza with the Temple Mount.

You can read the Jerusalem Post’s article here. Joe Lauer comments:

“Based upon earlier reports, the sentence reading “Jordan later said it agreed to the renovations under US pressure.” should more accurately state, “Under US pressure Jordan later admitted that it had agreed to the renovations.”
That Jordan can lie but the UNESCO delegates voted against Israel anyway is just another in a long line of travesties.”

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