First Annual Symposium of Hekhal on “The Other Temples”

HEKHAL is the name of the newly formed Irish Society for the Study of the Ancient Near East. It was created by a group of four Trinity College Dublin graduates who wish to:

promote research in the fields of ancient near eastern history and historiography, biblical studies, and archaeology with the long-term aim of increasing both academic and public understanding of the biblical and ancient near eastern world and its texts.

On 25–27 May 2012, they will hold their first annual symposium in Dublin, called:

“The Other Temples”

The program can be viewed here.

Among the twenty-four speakers there are three Israeli archaeologists, Yosef Garfinkel, Joseph Patrich and Mordechai Aviam.

My talk is entitled “Relating the Temple Scroll from Qumran to the architecture of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem” and is scheduled for Sunday, 27 May, from 9.00 – 10.00 am.

The inner Temple Court as described in the Temple Scroll. © Leen Ritmeyer

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