Continued Destruction of the Temple Mount

Nadav Shragav wrote an interesting article, called Discarding History, about the continued destruction of the Temple Mount. Not only are archaeological artefacts removed and dumped, but also the walls of the Temple Mount continue to be damaged by the construction work carried out by the Muslim authorities:

The Temple Mount is not in our hands • The Muslim wakf continues to damage antiquities and archeological artifacts as authorities remain helpless to prevent it • Entire Jewish, Muslim and Christian histories are being brutally dumped in garbage sites.

Zachi Dvira of the Temple Mount Sifting Project was able to stop the removal of the illegally excavated archaeological remains, as this report shows.

In previous posts I have reported on the danger of collapse of the Temple Mount walls, see for example here and here. Although this has been recognised by the Israel Antiquities Authority, nothing has been done to prevent further damage:

The cause of the danger was clear to the Antiquities Authority professionals: the construction work done by the wakf and the Islamic Movement, the passage of heavy equipment on the roof of Solomon’s Stables, the pouring of concrete slabs and the paving of the plaza in the area of the Stables. The paving diverted rainwater, which until then had drained into the soil, to the outer wall of the compound, damaging the wall.

In previous years, a large bulging stretch in the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount was repaired with unsightly paving stones. I have commented in another post (and here) about the danger of using wrong materials in this repair work. Here is a picture of that large repair in the Eastern Wall:

Photo: Alexander Schick.

Now, a new hole appeared right next to the previous repair:

Photo: Zachi Dvira.

It appears that a much larger part of the wall will collapse soon.

4 thoughts on “Continued Destruction of the Temple Mount”

  1. We all should respect the rights of the Wakf and the Islamic Movement and they, in turn, should respect the rights of others. Everyone has a right to know what really happened on the Temple Mount.

  2. Thank you, Moshe Dayan! By “entrusting” the Waqf with the Temple Mount you have done much worse than if you had trusted the orthodox.

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