7 thoughts on “Jerusalem – The Temple Mount, A Carta Guide”

  1. I ordered my copy this morning! Very excited to get this. I am glad our emails to Carta sped up the publishing process. Thank you for your work on this!

  2. I will be thrilled to receive this, and -phew-now I can stop pestering Carta

  3. That’s great news, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the publication! Thanks for all your efforts in putting pen to paper to give us such a valuable resource.

  4. Dear Prof Ritmeyer.

    Is your upcoming book a new and updated revision to your “Secrets of the Temple Mount” last edition published in 2006 or does it a different take on the Mount altogether. Appreciate it Prof, thank you.

  5. Avi, Our new book has been published and is for sale, see: https://www.ritmeyer.com/online-store/books/jerusalem-the-temple-mount/
    It is a completely new book and very different from the “Secrets”. This new book is a guide book describing different tours around, under and on top of the Temple Mount with many new drawings and maps. The book is designed to explain what you see and it also has an illustrated history of Mount Moriah. You would find it helpful when you visit the Temple Mount, but also when you read it at home. In a new blog post I will describe where many events recorded in the New Testament took place.

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