A Temple Mount model made of Lego bricks

I have seen many models of the Temple Mount and designed some myself, but I have never seen a model made of Lego bricks. Joshua Hanlon made his model of the Second Temple of Jerusalem which is on display at Brickworld Fort Wayne 2016:

Model of the temple Mount made of Lego bricks

It must have been fun to make this model which is mainly based on the Temple Mount in the Holyland Model of Jerusalem that is now in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem:

The Model of Second Temple Jerusalem in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

I do prefer, however, the more realistic model I designed a while ago and that is now in the Yeshiva University, New York:

An overall view of the Temple Mount from the southeast. The Eastern wall is in the foreground and the Temple with its buildings stands near the centre. The Antonia Fortress at the northwest corner of the Temple Mount is visible to the right of the Temple.

HT: Nathaniel Ritmeyer

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2 Responses to A Temple Mount model made of Lego bricks

  1. Joshua Hanlon is not the creator of this model but the one who interviewed him.
    He interviewed me as well for another Lego model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9hmXl4GoYc&t=1s

    I was searching for Lego Temple.
    You have some very nice work btw.

  2. Matthew Greene is the Lego artist’s name.

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