Understanding the destruction of the Temple Mount – cont.

The destruction goes on unabated.


This picture shows the trench in front of the eastern stairway which leads up to the Muslim platform. According to my calculations, this stairway is built directly over the Herodian stairway which led up to the Nicanor Gate – see plan below:


Soon the trench will cut through the Chamber of the House of Oil, where the olive oil used in the Temple services was stored. Hopefully somebody will stop this destruction or at least record and photograph the ancient remains.

3 thoughts on “Understanding the destruction of the Temple Mount – cont.”

  1. Very alarming indeed. And then to think that some people who should know better characterize the archeologists’ worries as “much ado about nothing”.

  2. Dr Jim West has written a blog concerning the location of the wall in question. the blog is at: drkimwest.wordpress.com/2007/09/04

    please comment.

  3. Such actions are so depressing.
    Can’t the Wakf be sued and stopped by UNESCO or someone?

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