Jerusalem reconstruction drawings

In the middle of this promotional movie for the new ESV Study Bible (available from 15 October, 2008), you can see my reconstructions of Jerusalem and the Temple in the various periods and which have been painted beautifully by Maltings Partnership, U.K.

First you see the City of David, followed by Solomon’s Jerusalem and Temple. You can then view Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah, followed by Herodian Jerusalem and the spectacular Temple Mount and also zoom in to the Temple itself.

Here is the video:

4 thoughts on “Jerusalem reconstruction drawings”

  1. Talking about the ESV, I am not really into serious bible reading but I’m still praying one day this will happen. Anyway, may I know how this differ to an original Bible? Is this more easier to comprehend?

  2. The ESV Study Bible is well illustrated with maps and reconstruction drawings that make it easier to understand the background of the Bible. There is an introduction to and overview of each book of the Bible, which is very helpful.

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