New Product Line – Images for Powerpoint

In an exciting new digital download section of our online store, we are offering some of our most popular drawings and illustrations, with Bible references, suitable for powerpoint presentations. This is in response to the many requests we receive for illustrations of particular themes that you need for that class or lecture tomorrow, when there is no time to wait for material to arrive in the mail. 
We have grouped some of those illustrations we think may be most helpful into sets of three or four images each. Later on we may make larger groups. To date, we have prepared the following:

The Exodus
The Tabernacle Tent
The Tabernacle Court
Solomon’s Temple Model
Solomon’s Temple Drawings

However, these are only a tiny fraction of the illustrations we have available. We need your feedback on which you would find most useful so we can go on helping you to prepare those authoritative and unforgettable powerpoint presentations.

Most images are sized at 1024×768 – suitable for powerpoint presentations.

Note – there appears to be a bug in the online store software. If you can’t find the link to Checkout once you’ve filled your shopping cart, just click the link to the blog (top left) and the “Go to Checkout” link will reappear!

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