The Messiah in the Temple

The Messiah in the Temple is an exciting project with the aim of developing a 3-D visual media of the Temple of Jerusalem. This project was conceived by the project manager Martin Severin. After reading Roger Liebi’s book of that name and my book “The Quest – Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem”, he decided with the help of Christof Frank of digi mice GmbH to make a digital version of the reconstructed Herodian Temple Mount.

Click here to view video

You can read more about the project on the The Messiah in the Temple website, where you can also download a larger video file.
Thanks to Justin Taylor, you can watch the video on YouTube:

7 thoughts on “The Messiah in the Temple”

  1. This looks really interesting and exciting. I am looking forward to seeing it. The teaser video piqued my interest. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I’ve been keeping track of this project almost since its inception and have the priviledge of helping the Assistant Project Manager periodically. A worthy and extensive project. I am sharing this with others around the USA.

  3. I could view the image but not the video. Can you assist me in how to watch the video?

  4. Any idea on when this project will be completed? I have been watching the progress for years, and can’t wait till it is finished.

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