Tunnel east of Siloam Pool extended

The tunnel east of the Siloam Pool (not the stepped Siloam Reservoir) has been extended to the north. Inside the tunnel a beautifully preserved Herodian street has been found. This Jerusalem Post report has a silent video showing the beautifully carved steps. This side street runs parallel to the main street west of the Siloam Pool and continues further to the north. It apparently linked up with the main Tyropoeon Valley Street further up the valley. Further north, the same street can be seen near the Temple Mount, below Robinson’s Arch.

We reported in an earlier post that this main Herodian street has a huge drain below its pavers, which may have been used by some Jews trying to escape the Roman destruction. Those that escaped were unaware of the unfortunate lot that befell most of them, namely having their bowels cut open by Roman soldiers, who were in search for golden coins.

side street
Plan and photograph of the street in the tunnel which is now being extended to the north

6 thoughts on “Tunnel east of Siloam Pool extended”

  1. Am I mistaken? I know the stairs to the east of the pool have the air duct on the left. When I was in Silwan this summer, we saw a shaft at the side of Ma’alot Ir David (i.e. to the west of the pool, the “main street” in your diagram), going down to a stairs. I notice in the new IAA photo that the air duct on the right of the stairs. I am wondering if in fact this is the stairs/tunnel that is being announced?

  2. Amazing. It seems like more things have been found in the past couple of years…or maybe it’s just that I’m more aware of them since discovering your blog and others, and after having been to Jerusalem last year. Thanks so much for the continued updates.

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