Jerusalem and the Turks

It is a well-known fact that most British people are unaware that they no longer control an empire. Perhaps they can be excused because, although most colonies separated from Britain after the Second World War, the last colony of Hong Kong was lost only 13 years ago.

The Turks seem to suffer from a similar delusion. The Turkish Empire came to an end officially in 1923, but in practical terms, towards the end of the First World War. However, the Turks apparently still believe that Jerusalem belongs to Turkey. Why otherwise, according to this and this report, would they be building a 10 m. high wall around the Muslim Cemetery next to the Lions Gate?

The cemetery next to the Lions Gate

A couple of years ago the TIKA (Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency) opened an office for the Committee for the Protection of Muslim Cemeteries in Jerusalem. This office is responsible for the maintenance of Turkish cemeteries in Jerusalem.

When Israel builds a 10m. high wall to keep suicide bombers out, the world is up in arms, but when the Turks build a 10 m. high wall in Jerusalem, nobody seems to care. What is the purpose of this wall – to keep suicide bombers out or the ghosts in?

Source: Joe Lauer

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  1. To be fair, I don’t think the residents of the cemetery are going to suffer economic hardship due to the construction of this wall.

    I think there are more then two potential purposes here, seems pretty obvious, to keep vandals out.

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