Controversy about David and Solomon

National Geographic magazine’s feature article for the December 2010 edition is devoted to “David and Solomon — Kings of Controversy” and asks “Was the Kingdom of David and Solomon a glorious empire—or just a little cow town? It depends on which archaeologist you ask.”

It is difficult to determine if the archaeological remains do indeed belong to David’s Palace, but the location is a logical one. Long before Eilat Mazar’s controversial dig started, I already made a reconstruction drawing of David’s Palace, based on the results of Yigal Shiloh’s excavations in Area G. This drawing is one of the many images in our new Image Library.

Reconstruction of King David's Palace - © Leen Ritmeyer 1995

HT: Joe Lauer

2 thoughts on “Controversy about David and Solomon”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Do you have a copy of “Solomon’s Palace” without the e-mail address across the front?
    I just needed it to use once to show my Bible class what 1 Kings 7 looked like.

    You have done excellent work on your depictions. Good web site.

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