The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) 2010 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of ASOR starts tomorrow in Atlanta. This is the first year in a while that I am unable to attend due to other commitments. There are many interesting lectures, but I would like to have attended the following:

Norma Franklin (Tel Aviv University), “Ivories, Votive Capitals, Stele, and Beyond: The Origin of the Proto-­Ionic or Volute Motif and its Evolution”

Kimberly Bauser (Boston College),“Khirbet Qana (Cana of Galilee): In Galilee and in the Gospel of John”

Carl Savage (Drew University), “Bethsaida: The Context for Jesus’ Ministry from the Archaeological Perspective of a Corner of the ‘Evangelical Triangle’”

Yardenna Alexandre (Israel Antiquities Authority), “Pagans and Jews: The Hellenistic and Roman Villages at Cana of Galilee (Karm er-­Ras)”

Doron Ben Ami (Israel Antiquities Authority) and Yana Tchekhanovets (Israel Antiquities Authority), “A Roman Mansion Found in the City of David”

Sarah Collins (British Museum), “Recent Results from the Excavations at Sidon, Lebanon”

Steven Collins (Trinity Southwest University), “The Rise and Ruin of a Bronze Age City-­ State: Insights from the 2009/2010 Excavations at Tall el-­Hammam, Jordan

Session on Teaching Archaeology to Undergraduates: Success Stories and Cautionary Tales

Aren M. Maeir (Bar-­Ilan University), “The 2010 Season of Excavations at Tell es-Safi/ Gath: Bronze and Iron Age Remains”

Amihai Mazar (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “Jerusalem before the 8th Century B.C.E.: An Archaeological Assessment”

Oh well, perhaps next year in San Fransciso …

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