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Received this from Jack Sasson [agade]:

The full length documentary “Baadeh Sabaah ” [Lover’s Wind, Vent des Amoureux, 1970]  by the late French filmmaker, Albert La Morisse [1922-1970], has been posted online in Persian and English. It runs 70.57 minutes.

The documentary was  mostly shot from a helicopter and captures a sweeping aerial view of Iran in 1969-1970, including some magnificent footage from Persepolis and Susa among other historical sites of various periods.  The narrative is told by the wind.  The film was shot in 35mm and there are a few minor glitches as expected – not unusual.  Content is breathtakingly captivating.

Morisse died in a helicopter crash over Karaj Dam near Tehran while shooting extra footage for the documentary.  The 6:59 minutes of the surviving footage is also posted.  The film was completed by Albert’s wife Claude La Morisse in 1978.  It has never been shown in Iran.

The Lover's Wind

Watching this evocative movie is a great way to see the spectacular archaeological remains of Iran. Persepolis appears 16 minutes into the movie.

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  1. I just came across your post of this movie and I am grateful to you for posting it here
    otherwise I would have never seen it. When I showed it to my elderly Iranian friend he recognized his birthplace in a footage and tears welled up in his eyes. He hasn’t been able to return since the seventies. I wonder where I could get a copy of it.
    Thanks again.

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