More pics of Fake Arab tombs near the Siloam Pool in Ancient Jerusalem

My son Nathaniel Ritmeyer was in Israel last month and took these photographs of the location of the fake tombs at the southern tip of the City of David, above the stepped Siloam Reservoir and King’s Garden.

The fake tombs are in the foreground above the Siloam Reservoir and King’s Garden, looking south. Photo: Nathaniel Ritmeyer 20 Feb. 2011
The fake tombs are located above the high stone wall at the southern end of the City of David, looking north. Below the stone wall is the northern cliff of the Siloam Reservoir. The exit is near the grey car and the steep road beyond it leads up into the City of David. The road on the very right, where the white car is parked, runs through the Kedron Valley toward the Gihon Spring. Photo: Nathaniel Ritmeyer 20 Feb. 2011
This photograph, looking east, was taken on 14th June 2010, showing that the tomb stones have been there for almost one year. Photo: Nathaniel Ritmeyer
Only a tiny bit of concrete holds up this tomb stone, which is clearly not attached to any grave. Photo: Nathaniel Ritmeyer 14 June 2010
This picture was taken on 28 May, 2009, looking south over the Siloam Reservoir and King's Garden. No fake tombs are visible. Photo: Nathaniel Ritmeyer.

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