Temple Mount Faithful petitions for State Comptroller’s excavation report

In a previous post, we reported on State Comptroller’s report on the illegal activities by the Waqf on the Temple Mount. According to the website of the Temple Mount Faithful:

“The goal of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in our lifetime in accordance with the Word of G-d and all the Hebrew prophets and the liberation of the Temple Mount from Arab (Islamic) occupation so that it may be consecrated to the Name of G-d.”

The Jerusalem Post reports that this group, led by Gershon Salomon, has petitioned the High Court to have the full report published:

Fearing mass-scale destruction of holy artifacts under the Temple Mount, the Temple Mount Faithful, a group that calls for the Jewish takeover of the site, petitioned the High Court on Thursday to order the full publication of the secret State Comptroller’s Report on excavation works being conducted at one of the holiest places in the world.

Citing “harm to Israel’s national security and possible harm to its foreign relations”, the High Court has so far refused to publish the complete report.


HT: Joe Lauer

2 thoughts on “Temple Mount Faithful petitions for State Comptroller’s excavation report”

  1. Only with the influence of respected archaeologists like Leen Ritmeyer can they ever expect to put a stop to this outrage. They obviously dont care what the Israeli citizens or Dept of Antiquites so maybe its people like Leen who can find the bayonet needed to prod them in the right direction of protection of the mount.

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