Lectures at the Palestine Exploration Fund, London

If you’re in London during the next few months, you may find the following lectures interesting:

06 October 2011
The Petra Effect: Archaeology and Psychical Research at George Horsfield and Agnes Conway’s Excavations
10 November 2011
War, Politics and Trade in the Roman Red Sea
08 December 2011
The Society of Biblical Archaeology 1870-1919

2 thoughts on “Lectures at the Palestine Exploration Fund, London”

  1. Ah, i like this webpage and im greatly influenced in something about Biblical Archeology and artifacts that support the Bible’s authenticity. for this reason i’m one of the Christadelphians around the world that have a great love for the Holy Scriptures.

  2. this makes more clear to me that mr. Leen Ritmeyer has a great knowledge of Biblical Archeology that i really enjoy reading.

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