Reconstructing Jerusalem for Jerusalem the Movie

In a previous post, we mentioned the making of Jerusalem the Movie in iMax 3D. Every week there is an update from this beautiful movie on Facebook. This weeks update shows an atmospheric reconstruction of Jerusalem in the First Century:

Check out this computer-generated recreation of Jerusalem in the 1st century CE / AD, featuring the latest archaeological consensus on what the 2nd Temple might have looked like. See it on the giant screen for the first time in our film.

A computer generated reconstruction of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

I have enjoyed these very varied and visual posts, but this one is special for me. In that previous post we wrote that we had been invited ” to contribute to this movie with reconstructions of Jerusalem in the Second Temple and Byzantine periods”. The generation of this digital picture of Jerusalem took many days of consultation, but the result is very gratifying.

4 thoughts on “Reconstructing Jerusalem for Jerusalem the Movie”

  1. This is SO beautiful! I really hope that the movie ends up being shown SOMEWHERE near Phoenix, AZ, USA!

  2. It looks beautiful! Just curious, isn’t the secong set of gates on the Southern wall the Triple Gate? I only see entryways.

  3. Adam,
    You are right. The second entrance should have been a triple gate, but other archaeologists, who also were involved, insisted that it should be a double gate as in the Holyland Model which is now in the Israel Museum. You can’t always win:(

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