Jerusalem – The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount has been in turmoil recently. Every day there is some news about violence between Jews and Muslims on the Holy Mount. And the tourists are caught in the middle.

Ynetnews published an article today called “Powder keg on Temple Mount” which includes a video made during a visit to the Temple Mount. The situation on the Temple Mount is summarised like this:

 While Muslim worshipers are allowed to enter the complex throughout the entire day, Jews are allowed entry as visitors (not worshipers) between 7:30 am and 11 am, only through the Mughrabi Bridge and under heavy police protection. Palestinians have grown aggrieved by the increasing number of visits to the site by Orthodox Jews, a program that is actively supported by Moshe Feiglin, an outspoken and far-right member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

The sounds of Jews singing and praying a few meters below, at the Western Wall and adjoining tunnels, permeate the Dome of the Rock plaza. The choirs of bearded men and veiled women in black compete for dominance with shouts and screams in Arabic of “Jews out! This place belongs to Muslims!

But the last paragraph caught our particular attention:

“Suddenly the screaming starts again. This time a group of women in black hijabs rushes amid cries of “Allahu Akbar” to expel a group of frightened-looking Israelis in secular dress, who are accompanied by a licensed guide who had dared to open a guide book in Hebrew.“

This brings us to the reason why we haven’t blogged for a while. Kathleen and I have been very busy updating two of our previous books and also writing a new Guide Book to the Temple Mount, called “Jerusalem – The Temple Mount, A Carta Guide”. Over the coming days we will report on these books and especially on our new Guide Book. This latest book is completely ready for publication, but the publisher is holding back because there are so few tourists in the country! The first guide book to this unique site since 1925 is ready to roll off the printing press… if only the tourists will show up!

We have just been told that if Carta gets enough interest for our book, they will go to print!!

The publisher is awaiting expressions of interest, so, we’d appreciate it if you’d fill in the contact form, expressing interest in our book. Thank you!

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  1. A guide book such as this has been long awaited. The authors are well-respected and highly qualified. It should undoubtedly be published as soon as possible.

  2. I just sent a message to Carta’s “Contact-us” online form. I have all your books and I’m looking forward to your guide book. All the best my friend.

  3. I have followed your invaluable work for years, with very great appreciation. Although I have indeed visited, I wrote Carta to say that it is not only those who are blessed to be able to make such a visit that purchase and benefit from such guides… many (maybe even most) buy them to visit vicariously precisely because they can’t visit personally (or perhaps, as in my case, to relive the experience or deepen their understanding of what they have seen in light of new discoveries). Maybe the tension would result in more sales, since people are reluctant to take the personal risk… but would at least buy a guide to walk through virtually? thta might be a stretch, but to refrain from publishing because of a slow-down in tourists demonstrates a lack of appreciation (understanding) for the reasons many of us buy such guides. I have purchased many, many guidebooks for places I have no hope or plans of ever visiting personally, and I have purchased many guidebooks for places I don’t plan to visit for a long, long time from now, and I have purchased many guidebooks for places I visited in the past.
    Thanks for this new volume, Leen… much needed. Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Emile,
    Thank you for your encouraging words. We believe, as you do, that this guide book will be of tremendous help in understanding a site that is so frequently in the news and has such great historical significance.

  5. I have also just written to Carta asking for the publication of your new guide.

    I was introduced to “The Quest” a few years ago through Tom Powers and his marvelous guide services during a trip to the Holy Land. I also spent a happy morning on my own carrying around a copy of the Quest and making my own photos of what is left of “The Step.”

    I look forward to the guidebook being published.


  6. Thanks, Joe,
    The publishers are impressed with the many responses they received. They are now looking into getting estimates and will let us know when they have a reliable publication date. They said that they will respond to all concerned and possibly be able to offer a special prepublication discount!

  7. Lovely photos, Shmuel, and thanks for writing to Carta. The present troubles, however, have put off tourists coming to Jerusalem. Hopefully it will change soon and our book can be printed!

  8. I have been trying to find pictures of the trumpet-shaped containers to collect offerings in the “treasury” or Women’s Court of Herod’s temple. Do your books have such pictures or diagrams of such? Thank you, Lillian Oliveira

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