Historic Reenactment of Passover in Israel

BreakingIsrael News reports on an historic reenactment of Passover by the Temple Insitute.

Priests are preparing to sacrifice a Passover Lamb. Photo: Temple Institute

The Institute posted on its Facebook page,

“This was the most accurate and authentic reenactment of this service to have taken place in nearly 2,000 years.”

It included all the stages of the ritual, such as checking the animal for blemishes, slaughtering it, collecting its blood and bringing it to the corner of the altar, skinning the animal and separating its inner parts, and roasting it whole in a special Passover oven.

The proceedings can be watched on this video.

Kohanim blowing silver trumpets and carrying lambs to the place of the offering.(Photo: The Temple Institute)


2 thoughts on “Historic Reenactment of Passover in Israel”

  1. How fascinating, Leen. Thanks for this. I’ve seen the Samaritan Passover on Gerizim as well. It’s interesting that in their fervor to observe the Passover, they are breaking God’s Law by not worshipping where God commanded:

  2. In fairness to the Samaritans, they believe they *are* where God commanded.

    As to the recreation shown here (actually, last year’s recreation is shown), I was present, and it was repeatedly stressed that this was only a recreation, not the actual event, of course.

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