Vol. 1. Alec Garrard’s Model of the Temple Mount



Volume 1: Alec Garrard’s Temple Model

A lavishly illustrated PowerPoint presentation with 43 slides, guiding you around the Temple Mount using Alec Garrard’s beautiful model.

Here we explore the world of the Second Temple through Alec Garrard’s breathtakingly beautiful model, built to a scale of 1:100. Garrard’s model, which was ten years in the making, is based on the historical sources and the research of Dr. Leen Ritmeyer. The slides include stunning overviews of the entire Temple Mount and details such as the Court of the Priests, where the animals were prepared for sacrifice, the Golden Vine at the entrance to the Temple and the Eastern Gate. Scenes from the Bible are also brought to life with the help of strategically placed figures made to scale.