Vol. 8. The Roman Destruction of the Temple



An illustrated presentation with 50 slides, examining the Roman Destruction of the Herodian Temple Mount. We will follow the seven different stages of this battle and see that Josephus’ record of the sequence of the destruction of Jerusalem confirms the layout of the Temple Mount.

Josephus Flavius, also known as Yosef Ben Matityahu, was an eye-witness to the siege of Jerusalem. The historical works of Josephus provide crucial information about the First Jewish-Roman War. In this presentation, we examine specifically his account of the capture the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. His report about this battle, despite its many gruesome details, provides us with many helpful indications about the layout of the Sanctuary and its buildings, courts, porticoes and gates.

Maps, photographs and professionally designed models are used to illustrate the description of the destruction of the Temple Mount, a tragedy that is still mourned today.