Vol. 6. In Search of Solomon’s Temple


This 90-slide presentation allows you to explore the history of Solomon’s Temple and the archaeological methods which were used to pinpoint its original location on Mount Moriah and even where the Ark of the Covenant once stood.


In this presentation we begin by looking at the Biblical background of Solomon’s Temple. Abraham was the first to build an altar on Mount Moriah, followed by King David. In searching for the location of Solomon’s Temple, it was necessary to understand the historical development of the Temple Mount from the time of King Solomon to that of King Herod the Great.

Information contained in ancient Jewish sources could then be used to suggest a location for the Holy of Holies. The study of the Rock inside the Dome of the Rock, which is actually the top of Mount Moriah, has resulted in the discovery of the foundation trenches of Solomon’s Temple. In addition to this, a depression in the Rock has been pinpointed as the very spot prepared by Solomon for the emplacement of the Ark of the Covenant. Photographs of a stunningly beautiful model help us visualize what Solomon’s Temple once looked like.