Vol. 5. Worship and Ritual in Herod’s Temple


Use this 65-slide PowerPoint presentation to explore and to teach about the ritual of the Temple in the first century.


In this presentation we have an evocation of the Temple ritual based on the classic work of Alfred Edersheim, “The Temple, its Ministry and Services as they were at the time of Christ.” We follow his unrolling of the first century scene from a first view of Jerusalem to the offering of firstfruits in the Temple.

Recently constructed models of Herod’s Temple Mount and that of the temple itself appear in scenes such as The Blessing of the Priests and a portrayal of the twelve-year old Jesus on the Temple terrace at Passover. Artistic representations such as the High Priest in his garments “for glory and for beauty” and drawings specially made for this presentation, such as the procession of torch-bearing priests checking that all was ready for the day’s service, bring the period vibrantly alive.

Charts such as an enumeration of the main offerings and a calendar of Jewish feasts are a special feature of this presentation and help make the subject of the ritual of the Temple, which may seem daunting, much more accessible.