Vol. 4. The Archaeology of Herod’s Temple Mount


With this 94-slide presentation, walk around the Temple Mount, see the many archaeological remains of Herod’s Temple Mount and visualize what this magnificent complex looked like in the time of Christ.


This presentation shows what the Temple Mount would have looked like in the time of Christ, about two thousand years ago. First of all, the most prominent archaeological remains of the Temple Mount are shown. Many of these features were discovered during the Temple Mount Excavations, which were led by the late Prof. Benjamin Mazar from 1968-’78.

Other parts of the Temple Mount were studied independently by ourselves. Then, with the help of a model, which was constructed in the 1990′s according to our design, we try visualize what the magnificent complex looked like before it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. The Temple itself is the subject of another presentation, Worship and Ritual in Herod’s Temple.