360 degree view of the Double Gate Tunnel

I just found this on Todd Bolen’s blog… a 360 degrees, virtual reality view of the inside of the Al-Aksa Mosque, Dome of the Rock and the underground Double Gate tunnel.

When you look at the Double Gate tunnel view, be sure to look up and see the beautifully decorated domes which still exist in their original form!

9 thoughts on “360 degree view of the Double Gate Tunnel”

  1. Could you explain a little bit more about this tunnel? What is it? What time period is it from? Thanks.

  2. This tunnel is a Herodian tunnel that leads underground from the Double Gate to the level of the Temple Mount. Today it is located below the el-Aksa mosque. Most pilgrims in the Second Temple period used to climb up the monumental, 210 feet wide, stairway in front of the Double Gate in the South Wall and walk through this tunnel to the Temple. The 360 degrees view is taken inside this passageway and you can look up at the beautifully decorated Herodian domes which survived the Roman destruction. Because of the beauty of this gate, some call this the “Beautiful Gate”, mentioned in Acts 3.2,10.

  3. Am I facing north in the picture, upward to the temple mount level? Just want to make sure my orientation is right. Thanks.

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  5. Hi… I’m clicking on the “360 degree view of the Double Gate Tunnel” link, but it takes me to the el-Aksa, and I dont’ see any other link there to the Tunnel. Am I doing something wrong or did the programming change? Thx… Paul

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