GLO Easter Experience

The new digital GLO Bible illustrates the events surrounding the Passion Week of Jesus Christ with samples of the media that accompanies scripture. Some of the reconstructions and animated maps that are shown are based on designs by Ritmeyer Archaeological Design:

The Palatial Mansion, excavated by Prof. Nahman Avigad in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, may have been the Palace of the High Priest where Jesus stood before Caiaphas, the son-in-law of Annas.

2 thoughts on “GLO Easter Experience”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am confused trying to reconcile your layout of Caiaphas’s palace with the representations of the model of Caiaphas’s palace in the model of Jerusalem.
    Do you have any other diagrams that may shed light on this?
    Wally Gear

  2. Wally,
    The model of Jerusalem that is now in the Israel Museum was designed in the 1960’s before the large excavations near the Temple Mount and in the Jewish Quarter were conducted. In the latter excavations, a palatial mansion has been found that appears to be the best candidate for the Palace of Annas the High Priest <> where Jesus was taken after his arrest. The identification of a house that was excavated on Mount Zion with the home of Caiaphas, has now been discarded by the excavator.

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