Protest over Western Wall Museum

Archaeologists are up in arms against the planning of a new Museum at the western side of the plaza area. See this report in Haaretz.
Some, like Yoram Tsafrir, are dead against it, while others, such as Uzi Dahari and Guy Stiebel are in favour.
Yoram’s comments sound a little dramatic:

The construction will cause generations of weeping over the serious damage to the site, Tsafrir said at the conference on archaeological findings in the Jerusalem area sponsored by the Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology and the Antiquities Authority.

As we have seen with the reconstruction and integration of the Byzantine Cardo in the Jewish Quarter, it is possible for preserved remains to be incorporated into modern buildings.

Source: Joe Lauer

One thought on “Protest over Western Wall Museum”

  1. Yeah; this is not too hot of an idea. This being the weakness of the area stone and the continued infatuation to “ease” into areas used by Jewish people. Not good. Carol

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