Hezekiah’s Pool in Jerusalem

A large water reservoir in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, known variously as Hezekiah’s Pool, the Towers’ Pool and the Pool of the Patriarch, is finally being cleaned up. Haaretz reports:

After years of neglect, Hezekiah’s Pool in the Old City of Jerusalem is finally being cleaned up. The work is being done by the Jerusalem Municipality, the Environmental Protection Ministry and Jerusalem Development Authority. As with anything in Jerusalem, the cleanup may cause a diplomatic crisis with Egypt and Jordan – and a conflict with the Waqf Muslim religious trust and the Coptic Church.

Hezekiah’s Pool, also known as the Pool of the Pillar, is located in the Christian Quarter, not far from Jaffa Gate. It is ancient and covers over three dunams (three-quarters of an acre ). But it is completely hidden from the public, with stores and homes surrounding it. Thousands of tourists coming through the gate and the Arab market pass right by it without having a clue that the historic site is nearby.

The pool was used at least from Second Temple times and was an important part of Jerusalem’s ancient water system until the 19th century.

Viewed from the Hippicus Tower, Hezekiah's Pool can be seen in the centre of the picture. Photo: © Leen Ritmeyer

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