The Mysteries of the Temple Mount

In a previous post, we wrote that Accordance Bible Software had added some of our books to their collections. My book, The Quest – Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, has now been reviewed by David Lang in an Accordance blog post called Embark on the Quest:

Look at most artistic reconstructions of the Temple Mount and you’re likely to see Leen Ritmeyer’s name attached to them. The architect of the Temple Mount Excavations following the Six-Day War, Ritmeyer has spent much of his life researching the mysteries of the Temple Mount and helping people visualize the ancient structures behind the present remains. The Quest is his personal chronicle of the research he has done, the challenges he has faced, and the answers he believes he has discovered.

You can read the full review here.

7 thoughts on “The Mysteries of the Temple Mount”

  1. The Quest has been on my to read list for some time now. One of these days I need to muster up enough cash to actually purchase it. 😉

  2. I love this book! I have had my own copy for several years now. It is easily the finest singular source on the topic in the world today, without a doubt. Even compared to materials available through sincere, religious Jewish communities, focused on the topic of the Temple, Leen’s book, The Quest, is far and away the most authoritative to date. I particularly applaud the plethora of well-crafted illustrations, as they are very clear and consistent. If you are new to the topic and you want information based on direct, personal observation and disciplined archaeology (instead of myth and folklore) then this is indeed the book to obtain! It is a little pricey … but trust me, it is well worth every penny, shilling or shekel!

  3. This book is for all lovers of Jerusalems history. It is the Temple Mount Bible et al. All of Leens books are worth shelf space in your library.

  4. Your book The Quest is truly magnificent. Your work was truly exhaustive and the photographs (the book is full color, on glossy paper, which explains the expense–it is worth every penny!) and especially the reconstructions are extremely helpful and beautiful. You were in the right place, at the right time, and with the right concern to record so much that has now been covered up and lost to sight. It is the best book on the remains of the Temple complex, as it is the only one to document the remains so completely and so handsomely.

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