The Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The Spokesperson of the Israel Antiquities Authority “circulated an invitation to journalists to attend a press conference tomorrow (Wednesday, November 23, 2011) at which “A find will be presented that challenges the conventional viewpoint in archaeology regarding the construction of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.”

Although it sounds mysterious, Ronny Reich, whom I met very recently in Jerusalem, said that he has new information about the construction date of Robinson’s Arch. It will be interesting to see what he has to say.

HT: Joe Lauer

A view of the southwest corner of Herod's Temple Mount. In the foreground is Robinson's Arch with its monumental stairway that led up from the main street in the Tyropoeon Valley and entered the Royal Stoa through a gateway. On the left of Robinson's Arch is Barclay's Gate with Wilson's Arch at far left. The Temple towered high above the Temple Mount. © Leen Ritmeyer

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