Vol. 2. Jerusalem in the time of Christ


With this 85-slide presentation, you can explore the streets of the city that played an important part in the life of Jesus


Explore the city that Jesus and his disciples knew and gain a better understanding of the events of the Gospels, especially The Way to Golgotha, which is depicted here for the first time in clear graphic form. Here the focus is on the city that Jesus knew, with new drawings having been made in order to assist in opening a door to this historical world.

Shown for the first time in this PowerPoint is a reconstruction of a small aedicule depicting the snake god of healing, Asclepius, found at the Pools of Bethesda. This find movingly reminds us how appropriate it was for Jesus to heal the paralytic man at this pagan healing centre, decisively refuting the claims of the serpent god.

Our classic reconstruction drawing “Jerusalem in 30 A.D.”, which originally took 3 weeks to make, has been used as a base on which to create a series of slides showing The Way to Golgotha. Each of these five slides shows a stage in Christ’s last journey, beginning at Gethsemane and culminating at either of the two sites identified as the place of the empty tomb. Other locations depicted include the Pool of Siloam (including the latest discoveries), the Essenes Gate, the Praetorium and Solomon’s Porch on the Temple Mount.

Each picture is accompanied by a fully descriptive caption, with Bible references, allowing you to resurrect the place and period and to see for yourself how firmly the Gospels are rooted in the actuality of Jerusalem.